Meet Illinois Farmers

Illinois’ farming families are a lot like you. They juggle caring for their cattle and the land with their family's full, active lifestyle. They have passion for their life's work, and a desire to raise a healthy, happy family.

Sound familiar? We thought so. Get to know more about some of the families who raise beef right here in Illinois through these stories.

The adams Family

Farming in the Adams family predates Chevrolet and the Civil War. More amazing yet is the fact that the family still owns and farms the land that was homesteaded by Alan Adams’ family in the 1840s. 

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The Isermann family

Getting the most use of out their land as possible led the Isermann family to add cattle back into their operation and make a commitment to environmental stewardship in the process.

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the kassing family

The Kassing family has been farming for many decades and the continued viability of their farm relies on a simple formula for success.

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Schliph Family

the schlipf family

Pioneers explore new, innovative ways of thinking and doing. Forming, developing and growing a seedstock business requires investment in leading genetics, resources and planning, along with some risk. The Schlipf family is recognized for producing top quality genetics and is a program that has pushed boundaries for decades.

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the tarr family

The Tarr family raises Simmental cattle and revels in its well-earned reputation for close family ties and quality cattle – the latter being the common thread that holds everything together.

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the fidler family

To support a family business and the cattle community, diversification is the route toward an efficient and sustainable enterprise operating across multiple segments of the beef industry.

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