Mexican-Style Beef Sausage Nachos

How to Cook Beef

Learn about different ways to cook delicious beef!

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How to buy Local

Understanding finding and purchasing local beef.

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Pizza with a Purpose

How to Find Recipes

Visit the Beef. It's What's For Dinner website to find tons of great beef recipes!

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IBA Updates

Stay up-to-date with IBA news!

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Open Meat Case Display


Find cuts charts, cutting instructions, sales data, consumer trends and more.

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Fresh raw Prime Black Angus beef steaks on wooden board

food service

Find beef recipes, menuing tips, consumer research, market insights and more.

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Man running in park at autumn morning

health & Nutrition

Get scientific research-based beef nutrition information, resources and healthy recipes to share with clients and patients.

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Facts About Beef

Do you have questions about the safety, quality and nutrition of beef related to how it is raised? Find answers based in scientific research and expert explanations on a variety of beef production topics.

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Infographic Library

Check out these popular checkoff-funded infographics that help tell beef's story from pasture to plate. From the nutritional profile of beef, choices at the meat case, and the beef lifecycle. 

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