Download Monthly Remittance Form


  1. Fill in your name, address & phone number, as well as the MONTH and YEAR for which you are reporting.
  2. Fill in your Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID#. Tax ID# is whatever number you use to file with the IRS (Federal Identification Number). Individuals should use their social security number.
  3. Mail collections by the 15th of the month following the month of the transactions being reported to avoid being assessed a 2% per month late payment fee on the assessments due under the Federal Checkoff only.
  4. Make your check payable to the Illinois Beef Association for the amount shown in "TOTAL REMITTANCE." Keep the yellow copy for your records. Send the white copy along with any payment due to: 
    Illinois Beef Association 
    PO Box 19214 
    Springfield, IL 62794

For additional information: call 217-787-4280 or email [email protected].


All cattle subject to the Federal Checkoff are to be identified by State or Country of Origin, i.e. the state or foreign country where the cattle were located at the time of sale, or the State in which the cattle were located prior to sale if such cattle were transported interstate for the sole purpose of sale and sold within thirty (30) days of arrival.


(A) Total Number of Head - Total number of cattle purchased; whether or not the checkoff is due. Sale transactions would be listed here if you are paying the checkoff on cattle sold, i.e. Private Treaty sales.

(B) Total Number of Head NOT Assessed - Total cattle that are not assessed for the purposes of the checkoff, whether purchased in a transaction where you were not responsible for collecting the checkoff such as an auction, purchased from a reseller in a transaction where you received a certification of non-producer status exemption (either by form or stamp). Exemptions are only allowed when a properly executed non-producer certification form or stamped invoice is submitted at the time of payment for the cattle.

(C) Total Number of Head Assessed - Difference between column A and column B (Total Number of Head less Total Number of Head Not Assessed).

(D) Total Payment is the number of federal checkoff dollars paid per state (column C x $1.00 per head). For Illinois State Checkoff, total payment is column C x .50 per head (See (3) below).


  1. FEDERAL TOTAL: Columns A, B, C & D totals for all states.
  2. Add the 2% late payment fee if your report is postmarked after the 15th day of the month following the month of the transactions being reported. Late fees are compounded on the 16th of each month late at 2% Per Month and apply to the Federal Checkoff Only.
  3. IllINOIS STATE CHECKOFF – To calculate the Illinois State Checkoff, follow the steps in (A), (B) and (C) above. Non-producer exemptions allowed for the Federal Checkoff are allowed for the Illinois State Checkoff as outlined in (B) above.
  4. TOTAL REMITTANCE is the total remitted for Federal Checkoff plus Late Payment Fees plus Illinois State Checkoff.

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