Team BEEF Illinois

Information & Requirements: 

Who is Team BEEF Illinois?

Team BEEF Illinois is a community of athletes who recognize the nutritional benefits of beef and the vital role high-quality protein plays in their training. As each team member strives to reach his or her athletic and nutritional goals, the Illinois Beef Association is here to cheer for them and support their progress

Become a Team BEEF Member

Membership on the team is free. Our team is open to competing athletes of all abilities and skills. From novice to elite, as long as you enjoy the great taste of a juicy hamburger and steak, you can join Team BEEF! Just complete the application below! 


  • Eat beef and believe in the nutritional benefits it provides.
  • Must be a resident of Illinois.
  • Participate in any educational webinars provided.

  • Must compete in your sport at least twice per year wearing a Team BEEF jersey.


  • Serve as a positive role model for beef.
  • Actively spread the word and help educate people who seek information about beef, including social media networks.
  • Participate in orientation and share what you learn. 


  • Team members receive a high-quality Illinois Team BEEF jersey.
  • Have access to fitness & nutrition tips, recipes, etc.
  • Receive care packages throughout the year to keep you on track!
  • Link to Team BEEF Illinois apparel site with all of the Team BEEF swag for purchase.
  • Network and community of runners who have common interests & passion.
  • Be a part of a strong fan base and support system. 

Team BEEF Illinois is revamping its program from previous years, so there may be some extra perks and changes coming soon! We'll send updates to our members via the Facebook Group Team BEEF Illinois.

Questions? Reach out to us at Team BEEF Illinois at the Illinois Beef Association. Stacey Lorenz is your Team Manager: 217-787-4280 during normal business hours or

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