CCES Meeting

Cattlemen Connect Education Series 

Cattlemen Connect Education Series (CCES) meetings debuted in 2022, and have been a well-received addition to the producer education lineup. These one-day regional meetings are dedicated to bringing important resources closer to you and your farm. CCES meetings will continually move around each region, and highlight different sessions and speakers, so keep an eye out for the meeting nearest you. We will host a meeting in Northern, Central, and Southern Illinois each year. Our goal is to focus on topics that matter to producers in each region, and provide knowledge and resources that will benefit you! Registration for CCES can be completed below, or by calling the IBA office at (217) 787-4280.

2023-2024 Cattlemen Connect Education Series 

Cambridge Map

Northern Illinois CCES Meeting

The BlackRidge | December 5, 2023

Returns in the cattle business are determined by two main factors: managing inputs, and entering the marketplace at the right time. With a high level of market uncertainty going into 2024, both components are more important than ever. Come to Cambridge to hear a discussion on the following topics to ensure maximum returns in your operation! 

  • Mitigate Your Risk within the Cattle Business with Ross Bronson, Redd Summit Advisors 
  • Managing Cattle in Winter Conditions with Travis Meteer, State Beef Extension Specialist

Champaign Map

Central Illinois CCES Meeting   

Champaign County Farm Bureau | November 29, 2023

Peak calving season is just around the corner here in Illinois. With fewer and fewer trained cattle veterinarians in the countryside, come to Champaign to brush up on the basics of calving. Things like, what to have on hand, when to intervene, how to handle abnormal calving situations, and more will be covered. Hear from the experts, and enter into calving season with increased confidence. 

  • Calving 101 with Dr. Jason Walker, DVM
  • Vaccinations for the Cow and Calf with Dr. Tessa Marshall, BVSc

Anna Map

Southern Illinois CCES Meeting

anna first Christian church | April 13, 2024

Come mid-April, the grass will be turning green, and the days of feeding cattle will hopefully come to a close. Make plans to join us in Anna for a discussion with the Grazing Lands Coalition of Illinois on implementing a sustainable grazing program for the spring, summer, and fall. Plus, get to tour a small and large cattle operation with strong grazing programs already in place. 

  • Paddock Designs and Fencing Options with Trevor Toland, Grazing Lands Coalition of Illinois, River Oak Ranch
  • Grazing Tour: CJ Simmentals 
  • Grazing Tour: Hillcroft Farms 

2022-2023 Cattlemen Connect Education Series 

DeKalb Map

Northern Illinois cces meeting

DekaLb County Farm Bureau | DECEMBER 6, 2022

  • Regulatory Site Inspection: What to Know with Tasha Bunting, Illinois Farm Bureau & Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • The Climate of the Cattle Feeding Industry: 2023 and Beyond with Dr. Galen Erickson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Baylis Map

Central IL CCES Meeting    

John Wood Community College Ag Education Center | JANUARY 19, 2023 

  • Effects of Nutrient Restriction: 1st Calf Heifers & Second Parodies with Dr. Allison Meyer, University of Missouri    
  • Winter Feeding: Managing Costs & Meeting Maintenance  Requirements with Dr. Dan Shike, University of Illinois 

DuQuoin Map

Southern IL CCES Meeting 

Duquoin State Fairgrounds | September 1, 2023

  • Managing Pastures in Southern Illinois, and Available Resources with Rachel Walker, Corteva 
  • Stockpile Grazing Management Systems, 2021 State Check-Off-Funded Research Results with Ph.D. Student Kylie Ewing, University of Illinois

Rotational Grazing | Southern Illinois, Anna 
Saturday, April 13, 2024

11:00-12:00 | Registration & Lunch | First Christian Church, Anna 

12:00-1:00 | Paddock Designs & Fencing Options with Trevor Toland | First Christian Church, Anna 

1:30-2:30 | Grazing Tour | CJ Simmentals 

3:00-4:00 | Grazing Tour | Hillcroft Farms 

4:00 | Questions & Wrap-Up 

 Cattlemen Connect Registration 

Please call the IBA office with any questions! (217) 787-4280