2023 Sanctioned points shows

Check this list for all of the sanctioned points shows in Illinois for 2023. The listing will be updated weekly.
(Updated August 25, 2023)

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There are NEW rules for participating in the IJBA Points Show Program for 2023, check them out here

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Results Recording Templates

Per the 2023 IJBA Points Show Rules, all show results must be submitted in the provided template or a similar format. Please download and use the Excel Spreadsheet template or utilize the Google Sheet template linked below to record results.

link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kDiuBTEhBZu4tptDoEwIgN1oVj8jinjRr1P3wbaaeA0/template/preview

2023 HEIFER STANDINGS                

Check your heifer points total here. 

(Posted August 2, 2023)

2023 steer standings

Check your steer points total here. 

(Posted August 2, 2023)

2022 final points show standings - heifer division

The Top Ten Heifer Points Show Program exhibitors: 

Claire Dorsey, Moro

Tyler Miller, Atlanta

Paige Lemenager, Hudson

Wyatt Dryer, Merna

Kesler Collins, Flanagan

Maddox Reedy, Tuscola 

Kira Sayre, Arenzville

Kyle Eathington, Avon

Ashlyn Mool, Lexington 

Addison Bartlow, Monticello 

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2022 final points show standings - steer division

The Top Ten Steer Points Show Program exhibitors: 

Sophie Trainor, Tower Hill

Adam Miller, Gridley

John Lukach, Streator 

Kylie Saathoff, Manteno 

Levi Hinshaw, Secor 

Kinlynn Dryer, Merna 

Abby Clapp, LeRoy  

Cole Caldwell, Elmwood 

Dash Simpsen, Downs 

Waylon Paulek, Stonington 

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