2019 Sanctioned points shows

Check this  list  for all of the sanctioned points shows in Illinois for 2019. 
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2019 heifer standings

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2019 steer standings

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2019 Heifer

2018 final points show standings - heifer division

The Top Ten Heifer Points Show Program winners were Clayton Poppe of Jerseyville with 615 points, Paige Lemenager of Hudson with 530 points, Olivia Caldwell of Elmwood with 470 points, Melinda Braun of Columbia with 405 points, Maddey Tebbe of Pocahontas with 405 points, Carter Hoge of Good Hope with 325points, Derek Humphrey of Dixon with 315 points, Lauryn Mool of Lexington with 310 points, Ty Drach of Pontiac with 310 points, and Claire Dorsey of Moro with 285 points.

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2019 Steers

2018 final points show standings - steer division

The Top Ten Steer Points Show Program winners were Conor Cooper of Clinton with 475 points, Payton Hueber of Lee with 235 points, Grace Arnold of Clinton with 230 points, Same Nightingale of Orion with 205 points, Tyler Lee of Durand with 200 points, Ashtin Guyer of Robinson with 180 points, Amber Lee of Durand with 175 points, Jenna Moore of Medora with 175 points, Josh Middendorf of Waterloo with 170 points, and Kashen Ellerbrock with 165 points.

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