2018 Sanctioned points shows

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(Updated October 2018)

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2018 heifer standings

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(Updated October 2018)

2018 steer standings

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(Updated October 2018)

Heifer Winners 2018 Points Show

2017 final points show standings - heifer division

The Top Ten Heifer Points Show Program winners were Claire Dorsey of Moro with 425 points, Clayton Poppe of Jerseyville with 370 points, Melinda Braun of Columbia with 365 points, Lauryn Mool of Gridley with 360 points, Derek Humphrey of Dixon with 290 points, Erica Harrell of Roseville with 250 points, Trent Bertsche of Flanagan with 250 points, Natalie Dearwester of Camp Point with 220 points, Cole Riemann of Raymond with 215 points, and Carson Goff of Hopedale with 210 points.

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Steer Winners 2018 Points Show

2017 final points show standings - steer division

The Top Ten Steer Points Show Program winners were Dylan Torrey of Jerseyville with 415 points, Levi Hinshaw of Secor with 240 points, Brady Haschemeyer of Camp Point with 240 points, Alec Myers of Taylorville with 225 points, Madeline Nightingale of Orion with 200 points, Tyler Lee of Durand with 190 points, Jared Hinshaw of Secor with 180 points, Jenna Moore of Medora with 180 points, Brayden Freeman of Winchester with 160 points, and Shaelye Varner of Morris with 150 points.

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