Family-Owned Business Builds A Lasting Legacy

A father and two sons pave a path for others by pursuing a vision and seeing it come to life.

Twin brothers, Jon and Jan Hueber are no strangers to the agriculture industry. Their father, Alan Hueber, worked on a farm for several years until he lost his leg in a farming accident. He then transitioned to the agribusiness world and worked for a machinery business, and later he moved on to grain elevator management.

When the boys were in their teens, their father asked them a question that changed their lives forever, “Boys, why don’t you start raising 200 to 300 feeder pigs at a time and try to make an income?”

With no hesitation, they took their dad’s advice and started feeding hogs and cattle, a move which ignited their passion for the livestock industry even more.

In 1982, Jon, Jan, and their father made their first feed facility purchase in Creston, Ill.

“Back in the 80s, Jan and I were the only salesmen at Hueber. We would work in the mill, the elevator, visit customers, and try to grow business, but we just couldn’t cover enough miles until we added more people to the team,” Jon said.

Jake Pierce was one of the very first employees hired at Hueber Feeds, and to this day, he still continues to wear the Hueber brand. Jake’s family operated Woodlawn Farms, one of the oldest Angus herds in existence, going back 135 years and five generations. Jake’s skill set and understanding of the industry is indispensable to the Hueber team and customers.

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