Board of Directors

The Illinois Junior Beef Association Board of Directors offers leadership development beyond the boundaries of local groups. During their terms, the IJBA Directors will develop and carry out programs and events to serve junior members and the Illinois cattle industry. The IJBA Board will also make recommendations for new programs and help develop leadership potential of the junior members. 

IJBA Board of Directors


District 1 DirectorKalie Rumbold   District 1 Director, Katie Miller      
Wyanet, IL    Cambridge, IL       
Term ends Aug. 2017   Term ends Aug. 2018      

District 2 DirectorLeslie Walker  
Danvers, IL           
Term ends Aug. 2017  


  District 3 Director, Abby Tomhave
    Jacksonville, IL 

  Term ends Aug. 2018

At Large Director, Gabrielle Lemenager
  At Large Director, Kaitlyn Hildebrand
Clifton, IL 

Ohio, IL       
Term ends Aug. 2017
  Term ends Aug. 2018        
At Large Director, Keegan Cassady At Large Director, Katrina Lowry       
Normal, IL   Oregon, IL       
Term ends Aug. 2017    Term ends Aug. 2018       
At Large Director, Michael Ring           
Oregon, IL           
Term ends Aug. 2017           

Junior Board Candidates – To become a candidate for the junior board, junior members must be an IBA member, at least 16 years old. For more information about the responsibilities and qualities of an IJBA director contact Jill Johnson at or 217-787-4280.


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