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The Illinois Beef Association's Checkoff Division is the Qualified State Beef Council in Illinois and has a long history of providing a path for cattlemen to promote their product through their checkoff program. The Illinois Beef Checkoff began in 1983 as a voluntary fifty cent per head assessment paid by cattlemen. That state program was halted when federal legislation was passed in the 1985 Farm Bill establishing the national checkoff program. That national checkoff went into effect October 1, 1986. A national referendum was held in 1988 to continue the national $1 checkoff. That vote passed nationwide with a 79% favorable vote. Illinois cattle owners voted 83% favorable in that referendum.

In February of 2015, cattlemen in Illinois completed a petition and referendum process to reinstate the state checkoff. The statewide vote to restart the state checkoff passed by wide margin with 88% voting yes. Beginning in July of 2015, Illinois has had two beef checkoffs totaling $1.50 per head working to increase demand for beef. Both programs are controlled by cattlemen serving on the IBA Board of Governors Checkoff Division.

The Illinois Beef Checkoff is collected on all cattle sold in Illinois and differs from the national checkoff program in three major ways:

  1. The fifty cent state checkoff is refundable by contacting IBA,
  2. The state checkoff can address a broader area of programs,
  3. A referendum is held every five years to continue the Illinois Beef Checkoff.

For more information on the beef checkoff or to request consumer oriented checkoff materials, please contact the Illinois Beef Association.



Statewide Beef Checkoff Referendum Passes by Wide Margin

The Illinois Beef Association (IBA) announced today that the recently held statewide referendum to restart the Illinois Beef Checkoff passed with an 88 percent majority vote. 1,057 ballots were cast with 934 for and 123 against. The vote totals were certified this week by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

“We’re proud to participate in this process whereby cattle producers in Illinois are taking progressive steps to promote the beef industry in Illinois,” said Philip Nelson, acting director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

“We are very pleased with the results of the referendum. Restarting our state checkoff has been a priority mission for the beef association over the last year and we’ve been encouraged at each step in the process by the support of cattle owners around the state and our VOTE YES coalition,” said IBA Executive Vice President Reid Blossom.

The referendum spanned 12 days from Feb. 16-27 with cattle owners across the state casting ballots by mail, in person at local FSA offices, and in person at the 2015 Illinois Beef Expo. Clear majorities for support were evident in each venue with mail in ballots showing a 68 percent yes vote, FSA office polling showing 73 percent in favor, and Illinois Beef Expo polling returning a 97 percent supportive vote.

“This is tremendous news for cattlemen in Illinois. We are very grateful for all the support this effort saw from cattlemen statewide. Now, the real work begins and that’s putting into effect programs that will benefit all beef producers in Illinois by promoting our product and our industry,” said Alan Adams, a cow-calf producer and cattle feeder from Sandwich, who serves as IBA president.

The Illinois Beef Checkoff was originally created by state statute in 1983, three years before the start of the national $1 beef checkoff. When the national program started, Illinois’ state checkoff was shelved and required a full petition and referendum process to be reinstated. The favorable results from February’s referendum are not unique for beef checkoff votes in Illinois; in 1988 cattlemen in the state voted 83 percent in favor to support the national beef checkoff program in a referendum that made that program permanent.

The Illinois Beef Checkoff is different from the national checkoff in three distinct ways: the state checkoff is refundable, all money collected stays in Illinois, and the state checkoff has more flexibility; meaning money can be spent additionally on youth and producer profitability or specifically promoting Illinois-raised beef. The program will be administered by the 14 cattle producers serving on the IBA Board of Governors’ Checkoff Division. The assessment of 50 cents per head is collected each time an animal is sold in Illinois in addition to the national checkoff and any producer can receive a refund of their state checkoff. Collections of the Illinois Beef Checkoff are set to begin July 1, 2015. For more information, contact the IBA at 217-787-4280.


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