Illinois Beef Association 2017 Membership Form

Because IBA pays credit card processing fees on all membership payments done using this page, we ask that any memberships totaling over $350 please contact the IBA office. We will be glad to send you an envelope with paid postage to use in submitting your dues by check.

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 Dairy    Feeder
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Membership Options (check 1 box only):

IBA Membership
50 head or less       $60
51 to 100 head   $95
101 head or more   $140

Agribusiness Membership   $250

Junior Membership:

Junior Membership (up to age 21) # of members x $25 = Total:

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Fair Share (please enter # of cattle):

Active members are encouraged to pay fair share dues based on the number of cow/calf pairs, stockers/feeders owned annually or annual-one time capacity of feedlot cattle. Fair share dues go directly to IBA’s efforts to protect your rights as a cattle producer.

     Cow-Calf Pairs:
# of head x $0.50 /head = Total:
# of head x $0.25 /head = Total: $0.00

National Dues (Optional)

NCBA Membership Dues (Optional)

Please select the option that best describes your primary operation.

Cow/Calf Producer Dues:

# of Head Dues
1-100 $150
101-250 $300
251-500 $450
501-750 $650
751-1000 $900
1001-1250 $1150
1251-1500 $1400
1501-1750 $1650
1751-2000 $1900
2001 & Up $1900 + Fair Share*
* Fair Share  
# of head x $0.38 /head = Total:

Stocker/Feeder Dues

Stocker/Feeder $150 + # of head x $0.38 /head = Total: $0.00

Associate Dues (Non-Cattle Owner/Non-Voting)

Business Supporting Member $200
Individual Supporting Member $150
Student Membership $50

Total Membership Dues & Donations: $

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