IBA Young Beef Leaders Training Program

  • Targeted to adults ages 21-40
  • Designed to develop young beef leaders through industry exposure, education and association communication

Entering the beef industry in a time of diversity and opportunity is exciting. Global challenges in agriculture are exploding. Whether it be the growth and debate of genetically modified organisms or food safety and animal welfare, young beef industry enthusiasts have the opportunity to make an impact and convey a message.

We need members that can grow and thrive in an ever-changing industry and it’s the mission of Young Beef Leaders to shape our industry’s future leaders. Through a series of field days designed to expose members to all aspects of the industry,the Illinios Beef Association (IBA) offers Young Beef Leaders the opportunity to further explore our business, gain essential information and network with fellow IBA members. Through the development of Beef Checkoff programs, Young Beef Leaders can engage and educate consumers about the nutritious product cattlemen produce and the beef farmer’s commitment to animal care and the environment.


2014 Young Beef Leaders Class
The 2014 YBL class includes Ross Adams, Sandwich; Adam Bane, Arrowsmith; Ken Beever, Waterman; Erik Bolander, Kirkland; Ken Dau, Sheridan; Chelsea Duis, Hanover; Adam Green, Shirley; Cori Harrison, Minier; Trever Kuipers, LeRoy; Wes Leemon, Hoopeston; Cody Leemon, Hoopeston; Alison McGrew, Good Hope; Travis Meteer, Mt. Sterling; Caitlin Morris, Homer; Cliff Pfundstein, Sterling; Michael Prescott, Springfield; Sara Prescott, Springfield; Tyler Schleich, Monmouth; Cassie Schleich, Monmouth; Acey Settle, Shirley; Brian Spannagel, Geff; and Scott Wetzell, Tampico.



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