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Tuesday, June 14 
9 a.m.  Registration
9:30 a.m.  Sharing Your Story and Handling the Tough Questions 
  Brandi Frobose, NCBA Associate Director of Issues Communication 
  The American beef industry is proud to produce wholesome,
nutritious beef for consumers – IBA affiliate members know
this first hand as they prepare to promote beef at fairs and
festivals throughout Illinois. However, many have questions
about how beef is produced, from pasture to plate. The
average consumer is two generations removed from agriculture
and has very little first-hand experience with food production.
And they are hungry for information. It's up to us, the beef
community, to engage them in conversations and answer their
questions about how beef is raised. This interactive session will
sharpen your conversation skills and equip you with the
information and confidence needed to answer tough questions
about beef production. 
11 a.m.  Industry Involvement 
  IBA and NCBA staff 
  Opportunities to serve the beef industry and be involved
in the business on a state and national level are endless –
the hardest part is knowing where to start. Association
staff and leaders will share information and resources on
how individual and affiliates can make the most out of their
beef association involvement.  
12:15 p.m.  Lunch & IBA Annual Meeting  
2 p.m.  Cattlemen’s College Innovation Workshops  
  Marketing – Building and Promoting Your Brand and Cattle 
  Ashley Middleswarth, Ranch House Designs, Inc.  
  The art and strategy of merchandising purebred livestock
is one that captures the attention of many purebred
livestock producers. Whether you are a seasoned producer
or just getting started, learn how to create a brand identity,
establish an advertising plan, or evaluate your current
promotional efforts to improve sales and exposure.  
  Consumer Attitudes – Consumer Attitudes about Beef & Production Practices 
  John Lundeen, NCBA Senior Executive Director of Market Research 
  The science of understanding consumers buying habits,
perceptions about beef, food safety, ranch and feedlot
production practices, and even attitudes that go into the
preparation of the evening meal are fascinating to track.
Learn what is on consumers’ minds and how the beef
industry is responding. 
3 p.m.  Cattlemen’s College Innovation Workshops   
  • Management – The Path to Profit and Saving Money on Your Farm 
  Dr. Nevil Speer, AgriClear Vice President of U.S. Operations 
  Sharing extensive experience and involvement with the
livestock sector, this leading beef industry analyst will help
you think outside the box to achieve success. No matter
what segment of the cattle industry you are in, you will
learn about economic implications decisions regarding
cattle management and marketing can have on your farm
and tips on how you can add value and opportunity to your
operation. Be prepared to ask questions and add your own
insights during this interactive session.  
  • Health – Antibiotic Stewardship in Animal Agriculture 
  Buzz Iliff, DVM, Wyoming Veterinary Clinic 
  The role of antibiotics in beef production is dramatically
changing, with several factors impacting the manner in
which antibiotics will be used. This presentation will
discuss the implementation of antibiotic stewardship on
the farm, as well as the factors impacting antibiotic use in
2-4 p.m.  Learning Lounge 
  Stop in and enjoy informal, face-to-face discussions with
experts in animal health, nutrition, and technology in our
learning lounge. 
4-6 p.m.  Cocktail Party 
6 p.m.  Awards Dinner  
  We will celebrate another successful year for the beef
industry in Illinois during the Awards Dinner. Attendees
help recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of
IBA’s Farm Family, Seedstock Breeder, and Commercial
Producer of the Year while enjoying a delicious
prime rib dinner. 
Wednesday, June 15 
7 a.m.  Breakfast
8 a.m.  Tour: Illinois Capitol
  • Political Climate and the Beef Business 
  Experience inside access and a behind the scenes tour
of the Illinois Capitol and a discussion regarding today’s
political climate with legislators. 
10 a.m.  Tour: HyVee 
  • Beef Demand and Consumer Trends – Merchandising Your Product 
  Learn how retailers are listening to consumers trends
and responding by merchandising the beef product to
add value and boost sales. Experience how one retailer is
taking advantage of marketing the food and eating experience
– it’s more than just selling groceries. 
Noon  Lunch: Head Cattle/Dipper Farms 
1 p.m.  • Tour & Hands-on Demonstrations 
  Don’t miss this opportunity for hands-on demonstrations
and learn about real world experiences from industry experts
and IBA’s 2015 Commercial Producer of the Year,
Head Cattle/Dipper Farms. Discussions and demonstrations
will focus on implementing new reproductive technologies,
cow housing, forage management, and the latest in livestock
4 p.m.  Cowboy Keg Party



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